Creating life beyond childlessness

  • you are feeling lost, confused and overwhelmed
  • you feel a lack of control over your situation
  • you are scared to let go of the familiar
  • you are feeling very emotional (more than normal)
  • you experience feelings such as fear and anxiety
  • you have no idea what to do next

“Going through a major life transition is challenging, overwhelming, and confusing. But those transitions are also a great opportunity to redesign your life.”

‘Creating my life’ is a philosophy I’ve lived by ever since I lost it all back in June 2010. Though I didn’t realize it at the time, that loss ended up being the greatest gift of my life. It forced me to stop. To examine and reevaluate what I needed and what I didn’t. Once I remembered who I was, the game completely changed.

“If your transition is planned or not, this masterclass will help you to let go of the old paths and open you up for the possibilities of the new.”

They’ve told me that the best strategy for dealing with life transitions is to ACCEPT. But how do you do that if the transition you are going through is not by choice? I’ve created a simple structure involving 6 steps, to guide you towards this level of acceptance.

In this 60-minute (online) masterclass, you will:
  • Discover what transitions are, look, and feel like
  • Explanation of the ACCEPT-model, with real life examples
  • Practical tips for implementation of the ACCEPT-model
  • Start taking back control over your situation
  • Start living life on your own terms
What others are saying

Read how some incredible people describe their experience:

“Rianna, your concept went down very well. I shared it with 2 homerooms – grade 11 kids, shared it with the counselling department head, and the head of the university counselling team as they have to help kids too. The kids and colleagues loved the fact that there are specific and easy steps to follow. Thanks a lot for sharing. My daughter also benefitted. I am constantly striving to find simple ways to help my students and colleagues! As a teacher, I teach my subjects but also help the kids to turn into global citizens too as part of IB.”

Isabelle C.
Internations Global Business & Networking Group

“Thank you Rianna, I very much appreciate what you said and your energy! I found the environment we are in often doesn’t fully support our growth – being aware is one thing, being able to transcend it asks for us showing up consistently powerfully.”

Internations Global Business & Networking Group

“Wonderful important sharing of the journeys and insights in these trying times. Thank you Rianna!”

Matt E.
Internations Global Business & Networking Group

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  • December 22th, 2021 (10 AM New York Time / 3 PM London Time)
    This masterclass is free of charge.
  • January 18th, 2022 (1 PM New York Time / 6 PM London Time)
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    “I could go back in the direction I had come from, or I could go forward in the direction I intended to go.”

    Cheryl Strayed