Creating life beyond childlessness

A transformative experience for women, who are childless after IVF, to reconnect to their roots, spread their wings, so that they can become the happiest version of themselves.

Have you ever woken up and thought where do I belong? Who are my people? Do you find yourself surrounded with friends and family, but feel like you have no one to talk to?

Are you craving for meaningful relationships with women who really get you, 
support you, challenge you and inspire you?

Do you want to live a more fulfilling and purpose driven life,
but you just don’t know where to start? 

If any of these are true for you, I get it. Because.. they have all been true for me too.

Sometimes you gotta create what you want to be part of

If there’s one thing I know about being childless after IVF, it’s that it can be a wild ride. Unsolicited advice, pregnancy announcements, overwhelming feelings, and questions about life. This rollercoaster of emotions is hard to grasp for the outside world. 

The trauma of infertility is real.

Living with unhealed injuries takes more energy than we often acknowledge. No matter where you find yourself today, stop living in your own shadow and become part of a tribe where you feel seen, heard, and understood.

Take A Purposeful Pause

Being a woman who is childless after IVF can be a lonely journey. Maybe you feel that you are just going through the motions and not sure what your next move should be? You know something needs to change, but you don’t know where to start. I remember those feelings so vividly.  

What if you could take a pause from your usual routine, join a carefully selected tribe of amazing women, and learn the tools that can help you through the good and bad days?

And that’s exactly why I created Roots & Wings:

A 12-month transformational program to get clear on what you want out of life, have the road map to get you there, and learn powerful tools and practices to stop waiting and start living again. Take charge of your life and redesign your future. And… nothing is more transformational than experiencing something unique with people who get you.

“The quality of your life, ultimately depends
on the quality of your relationships”


Roots & Wings is designed to help you slow down and pay attention to the things that really matter with positive, ambitious women (like you!), in a soul-nourishing environment.

Rediscover Your Adventurous Self

> Appreciate the beauty of nature
> Disconnect and recharge
> Feel revitalised and create joy
> Align mind, heart, body and soul

Reconnect With Yourself and Others

> Have deep conversations
> Feel a sense of belonging
> Create meaningful relationships
> Increase fun & happiness

Practical Tools For Self-Discovery

> Learn to put yourself first
> Redesign your life
> Find out how to get there
> Create ways for more flow

Create a Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams. Together.

The women that join us are positive, ambitious and have a burning desire to move forward and live a created life. Join us to find your voice, reclaim your power and create a life that not only looks good, but feels good. 

Wait, let me reframe that, a life that feels AMAZING!

We kick off with a 4-Day Forest Bath

My R.O.O.T.S. & W.I.N.G.S. framework will form the base, combined with coaching tools, interactive games and hiking in nature to help create new paths and insights, to reconnect with yourself, others and your purpose, in a soul-nourishing adventure.

Thursday, March 23

Disconnect to Reconnect

Disconnect from everything that doesn’t support your wellbeing and give yourself the time and space to recharge.

Day 1 is all about deeply connecting with yourself and others.

Friday, March 24

Release & Surrender

Notice your emotions, acknowledge your experiences, and allow them to move past you.

Day 2 is all about emotionally letting go of negative emotions in a healthy way.

Saturday, March 25

Rediscover Your Roots

Recreate a solid foundation. Roots form the basis of our personality, they define our being.

On day 3 we rethink our life, and explore how we can live in alignment with our personal values and desires.

Sunday, March 26

Spread Your Wings

Jump into a created life. Wings give us the freedom, to go out in the world and explore new things.

On day 4 we express our innate curiosity, and discover new ideas and opportunities.

Followed by 11-months of ongoing coaching

This program is unlike any other coaching program out there because I know that rebuilding your life after IVF takes more than goal setting and visualizations. You didn’t plan to end up with empty arms and so reimagining your future can be confusing.

This program will guide you to explore your desires, create new paths and insights, and build meaningful relationships so that you can really tap into your full power and redesign your plan A.

Taking a step forward doesn’t mean your loss is no longer important.
It means you are important too.

Meet Your Guide Rianna Hijlkema

As a serial entrepreneur I’ve learned how to set goals, aim high and play outside of my comfort zone. And as a fulltime traveler I’ve learned how to approach life (and business) with resourcefulness and resilience.

As an empowerment coach I’ve learned that your past doesn’t equal your future. And as a teacher I’ve learned how to create a safe space to connect, share and empower each other.

As a parenting consultant I’ve learned how to emphasise with others struggling in situations different from my own. And as a director I’ve learned how to organise events and create an uplifting experience for everybody involved.

As a woman dealing with infertility, I’ve learned how to deal with uncertainty and stressful situations. And as a women being childless after IVF, I’ve learned the importance of finding your passion & purpose and belong to a tribe that sees you, respects you and lift you up.

I’m not here to tell you how to deal with childlessness. I’m here to support you in living a great life while being childless.

What Others Say About Working With Me...

"I am beyond grateful for your quality time and effort to guide me. You've inspired me to follow my heart and intuition as of lately.

Thank you for pushing me to really evaluate what I wanted, it helped so much.

Also thank you so much for your insights. Your words mean so much to me and just being around your energy fills me up with inspiration."
Carolina M.
Student Master Therapy/Psychology
"I felt lost and emotionally out of balance. The support that Rianna gave me, was the perfect gift to help me move forward. The framework she is using clarified many things, which led to revelations during the week, which helped me make new decisions. Rianna guided me to open up the different layers and then helped me flip this information into something practical for the future. Rianna was a crucial piece in the transition that I was going through."
Laura - testimonial women empowerment coach Rianna Hijlkema
Laura Giosh-Markov
Positive Discipline workshop facilitator, Parent consultant, Counselor, and Music Therapist
"I contacted Rianna, because I was going through a deep down. I was feeling lost, I didn’t know where to start, I was overwhelmed with self-doubt and I had no clarity at all on where to go, or even to start. I resonated with Rianna and was provoked by her way of living her life. Rianna gave me the tools to sit down, work through them and understand why I feel a certain way. Rianna does an amazing way of guiding; very encouraging, supportive, but also challenging."
Maria Kacharava
Support Service Team Leader

Appalachian Trail Support Team


Cathy Sharpe is a Grief and Trauma recovery counselor. She holds a Masters in Psychology, International Accredited Holistic Health + Mindset Counselor, & Integrative Medicine Practitioner. 

Cathy will be there with us to provide effective, quality Complex Trauma Recovery, and support us in our own unique journey.

LinkedIn Profile RiannaHijlkema.comj

François de Neuville is a former commando-paratrooper, tsunami survivor, and certified high-performance coach. He’s also my amazing husband and has been my rock throughout this whole journey.

François will be with us to set up the camp, prepare our meals, provide first-aid and make sure we have an incredible experience.

Redesign your life now for success and happiness!

Early Bird Offer | $2449

Access to Roots & Wings 12-month transformational program:

* Pre-retreat group coaching call (Feb. '23);
* All-inclusive 4-day hike on the Appalachian Trail (March '23);
* Monthly group coaching calls mastering the 10 life areas (April - Feb. '24);
* Access to a private community for support and accountability;
* Feel supported in a way that you've never experienced before;
* 2% donation to the Women Empowerment Project in Lamjung, Nepal.

Early bird offer ends Nov 1, 2022. Standard price: $2999

Pay in 3 months | $999/m

Access to Roots & Wings 12-month transformational program:

* Pre-retreat group coaching call (Feb. '23);
* All-inclusive 4-day hike on the Appalachian Trail (March '23);
* Monthly group coaching calls mastering the 10 life areas (April - Feb. '24);
* Access to a private community for support and accountability;
* Feel supported in a way that you've never experienced before;
* 2% donation to the Women Empowerment Project in Lamjung, Nepal.

Payment 1: before Nov 25, Payment 2: before Dec 25,
Payment 3: before Feb 25, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

About Roots & Wings

Roots & Wings is a 12-month transformational program that gives you the tools and awareness to feel empowered, guided and supported to create the shifts necessary for your happiness and success.

It’s unlike any other coaching program out there because I know that rebuilding your life after IVF takes more than goal setting and visualisations. You didn’t plan to end up with empty arms and so reimagining your future can be confusing.

We kick-off with a 4-day forest bath on the Appalachian trail, followed by 11-months of ongoing coaching. This is not a regular course, this is an experience.

This program will guide you to explore your desires, create new paths and insights, and build meaningful relationships so that you can redesign your plan A. Taking a step forward doesn’t mean this loss is no longer important. It means you are important too.

For you, who have been mixing and injecting medications; quietly going into your clinic multiple times a week before meetings/classes. Showing up 100% for your job, family, and friends – acting ‘business as usual’ – while waiting for critical updates. 

Take a deep breath. You’re not alone. I’ve been there too. Feeling unseen, feeling misunderstood. Dealing with reminders of what you don’t have EVERYWHERE. Having the right support has helped me through all of this, and that’s what I wish for you too. 

But, making friends as an adult can be hard. Making other childless friends even harder. That’s why, Roots & Wings is a wonderful way to connect with like-minded women and start the healing process from trauma, grief, and loss in a safe place.

Roots & Wings is for women who are childless after IVF. Women who are sick and tired of living a silent struggle, and are desperate for a change and desire to truly thrive in life.

Being childless after IVF is not a one-and-done kind of thing. You don’t get over it and move on. You will still have times when you wish things had turned out differently. That’s ok. It’s ok to grieve the life you didn’t get. It’s ok to be angry. But remember, even though you have to do it all by yourself, you don’t have to do it alone. 

Being in a community of women who get you is like sitting in a boat with a paddle. Everyone else is already rowing. Are you going to paddle too? Of course, you are. Your energy, time and money are your life currencies. Whatever you are willing to invest today will determine your future.

To give everyone the personal care and attention they deserve, spots are limited to 7 women who are (just like me) childless after IVF and are serious about creating transformation. 

Imagine embracing the life you have. Imagine being able to honour your loss of the dream of motherhood AND loving where you are in life, even though it’s different than what you had imagined.

I know what it takes to redesign your life. I’ve done it multiple times after a cheating boyfriend, leaving the Netherlands, becoming a nomad, and now being childless after IVF. Trust me, it requires more than just time. It requires a community, a supportive environment, tools and practices, and new experiences. Transformation is triggered through experiences and then reflecting on that experience. When you do that in a group, the effect can be exponential.

Also, when others share their thoughts, and you see yourself in their experiences, you realise you’re not alone in your struggles. Childless women can truly benefit from childless friends, I’ve seen and experienced it time over time.

That’s why I created the R.O.O.T.S. & W.I.N.G.S. framework, a 10-step success formula to live a consciously created life. It’s a reflection of my experiences, knowledge, skills, and unique approach toward a path of living that brings you happiness and fulfillment.

There are many ways in which you give meaning to your life, but you have to discover for yourself how you do that and what suits you best.

After talking to hundreds of women who are childless not by choice, I know that not taking action can leave you stuck in grief for decades, maybe even your whole life. Just existing and not living can lead to anxiety, depression and loneliness. And I believe that life is too freaking short for that!

I’m originally from The Netherlands, but currently living in Mexico. I’m a multi-passionate serial entrepreneur living a nomadic life for the past 11 years. Traveling to 40+ countries and working on four continents has taught me to approach life (and business) with resourcefulness and resilience.

But, nothing could have prepared me for infertility.

The first 4 years I’ve kind of wasted my life (even though I was laying on white sandy beaches, climbing mountains and ‘living the life’) on the inside I felt so terribly lonely. The surprise was the isolation and lack of support I experienced in dealing with this. Nowhere could I find friends who understood the challenges I was facing.

I looked for what I’ve now created for you. I’m here to guide YOU how to transform fear into faith and design a life where you thrive from the inside out both physically and mentally.

Grief has changed me but has not destroyed me. I’ve discovered new things about myself. I can build on strengths developed through adversity. I’m no longer my ‘old self’ but I’m still me. I face the future with confidence. Life is worth living because I can love and be loved.

And now I’m at a place in my life where I promise you I will not deal with anything I don’t have to. I’m leaving, I’m unfriending, I’m unfollowing, I’m blocking, and doing anything I gotta do to not deal with people & situations where I’m not respected or valued. My peace is my priority. And I’m very much looking forward to seeing you do the same.. it’s called love.. self-love.

About the 4-day hike on the Appalachian Trail

Research has shown that trauma gets trapped into our bodies.

Emotions that aren’t dealt with can affect the way you think about yourself, how you deal with stress, your physical well-being and your relationships with others.

One of the ways to release this tension and repair your nervous system is intentional movement.

Nature is healing in so many ways. Research shows that only 20 minutes in nature calms your heart rate, slows down your breathing, decreases your cortisol (stress hormone) levels and restores your mind.

After 3 days your prefrontal cortext (the part of you that’s in charge) relaxes. It resets! So it helps you to think clear and be more creative.

That’s why we kick off this 12-month program with a 4-day forest bath.

Yes and no. We welcome all fitness levels, but to hike in the mountains and carry a pack comfortably, you should at least be able to walk several miles in your neighbourhood without taking a break. The more in shape you are, the easier it’l be. That said, I’ve chosen this specific section of the Appalachian Trail because it’s suitable for  a beginner hiker. 

We have food! We offer a variety of dehydrated meals, dried fruits, nuts, granola bars, oatmeal, you name it. We pack fresh fruit and veggies for snacks, and yes we have instant coffee for breakfast! We’re more than happy to accommodate dietary restrictions and preference whenever possible. Just give us a heads up in advance.

With your reservation confirmation, I will email you a detailed packing list. Most important is comfortable and broken-in hiking shoes.

We hike anyway! In case of severe weather: thunderstorms, ice, snow or extreme cold, we may postpone the trip.

Having a travel insurance is recommended.

If you are interested, but can’t make these dates, reach out to me (email: and I will keep you in the loop on upcoming dates! 

Please ensure that you arrive on Thursday 23rd of March at 12 pm in Asheville, NC.

Please send an email to me (email: and I will help you find the best flight, please be sure to send the state/country of departure and all details if you do.

  • Connection call (virtual, 2 weeks before arrival)
  • Transportation from Asheville to the Appalachian Trail on Friday
  • Transportation from the Appalachian Trail back to Asheville on Sunday
  • 3 nights shared tent, including sleeping bag, pillow and sleeping mat
  • Daily three times vegetarian/vegan/regular meals, prepared by François
  • Daily morning, afternoon & evening circle sessions hosted by Rianna
  • Grief counseling and on-going support by Cathy

Additional requested meals and drinks

  • Airfare & transportation to Asheville
  • Arrival visa
  • Insurance
  • Personal expenses (alcohol, souvenirs, etc)

About the 11-months ongoing coaching

Every first Monday of the month (except in January) we come together in a group coaching call of 90 min. There will be space to share our wins, our challenges and we will dive deep into the topic of the month.

April 3, 2023: Character & Personality

May 1, 2023: Spirituality & Self-Love

June 5, 2023: Love & Relationships

July 3, 2023: Social Life

Aug 7, 2024: Leisure & Experiences

Sep 4, 2024: Managing Money

Oct 2, 2024: Career & Contribution

Nov 6, 2024: Quality of Life

Dec 4, 2024: Vivid Vision

Jan 3, 2024: Health & Fitness

Feb 5, 2024: Mental & Personal Growth

This is a private Facebook group where we can continue our conversations about the topic of the month. It’s also a place where we can support, encourage and inspire each other to become our happiest selves.

Questions, doubts or something else?

Making such a big investment in yourself is scary. I totally understand.

Please reach out to me at if you have any questions, or book a virtual coffee chat to get a feel of what it would look like to work together.