Creating life beyond childlessness

Welcome to the ‘Get your sh*t together – Mastermind’!

You know that it’s not the past, the circumstances, nor the people around you that have the power to define you, but it’s 100% YOU who decides what kind of life it is that you want to live and take the steps moving closer to your vision.

Join me and a group of incredible women on a unique journey to create a fulfilling personal and professional life! Find new goals which light you up, figure out action steps that you’ll actually do, stop overthinking, and step into your power.

  • Weekly sessions on embracing your power, feeling more energized, building stronger relationships and gaining higher levels of productivity, presence and focus.
  • Join the group sessions live on Zoom
  • Each session will run for 60 minutes.
  • Starting from March 31st, sessions run every Thursday from 12:00 – 1:00 pm EST
  • Investment: $99 USD per month (minimum 3-month commitment)
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Trust me. You are at the right place! We can’t wait to meet you!