An Authentic
Marketing Strategy
for Sleep Consultants

Marketing strategy for sleep consultants

Whether you’ve just completed your Sleep Consultant Certification or have been running your sleep consulting business for a while, you know that without a steady flow of clients there is no business. Having a marketing strategy as a sleep consultant is an essential part of a successful sleep consulting business, but where do you start?

Why do sleep consultants need a marketing strategy?

If you are a sleep consultant, then marketing is key to getting new clients and growing your business. If you just completed your Sleep Consultant certification, you probably feel completely overwhelmed with all the tips and advice everybody is giving you about what worked in their business. The thing is, what works for others, might not work for you. If you give a hungry person a piece of bread while he is gluten-intolerant, he might be full but is gonna have more problems.

Or maybe you’ve started of well, but now you feel drained, exhausted and everything is just not fun anymore. You know you have something to offer for those tired moms, you wrote the blogs, created posts, you put in the work, but somehow it doesn’t work. You’re not ready to give up yet, and you shouldn’t!

You can be a mom and pursue your dreams simultaneously

What does a marketing strategy for sleep consultants look like?

As a certified pediatric sleep consultant myself, I know that finding potential clients can sometimes feel like a real drain of time and energy. But if you don’t have a solid marketing strategy in place and put in the work, you are just postponing the problems.

A marketing strategy for sleep consultants is a plan of action chosen to identify and target potential clients, promote and sell your products or services, and build client loyalty. It identifies the specific marketing tactics to you to meet your objectives such as advertising, public relations, digital marketing, and promotional activities.

How to create a successful marketing strategy for me as a sleep consultant?

Everybody says first, identify your target market and understand what they need, second, create a strong brand that will appeal to your target market, finally, use marketing channels that will reach your target market. But what types of channels are those, is it video, text, photos? What works for others, might not work for you. 

That’s where the challenge comes in. You’ll notice that everyone will give you advice based on the marketing strategy that worked for them and their business. But what you really need is something that works for you, based on your unique blueprint. What is your blueprint?

How Human Design Helps with Authentic Marketing

Let me introduce you to Human Design, a powerful tool for self-discovery and understanding. Your Human Design chart represents a snapshot of the cosmos (bare with me, I’m not going to talk about unicorns ;-)) at more less 3 months before you were born and the moment on the day of your birth. Human Design combines those two layers and put them on top of each other to show you how your energy interacts. It’s a combination of ancient and modern sciences that create a map that’s totally unique to you. It can provide insights into how you interact with the world and how you can best use your individual gifts and talents. Sounds fascinating, right?

Through Human Design you can learn to recognise your strengths, accept your weaknesses, and make decisions with greater clarity and insight. You can gain a better understanding of your purpose and how to take action that aligns with your true nature. Ultimately, Human Design helps you to create a life and business you love.

How do you use Human Design to create a marketing strategy for sleep consultants?

I remember the first time I received my chart and seeing all those lines, colours and shapes, I felt completely overwhelmed. I don’t want you to have that feeling. Human Design is a life-changing, but complex system. Let me help you understand the key elements of Human Design and to create a marketing strategy based on your unique blueprint to help you navigate the overwhelm and to create more opportunities and flow into your life.

Now that you know there is something that is there, that I’m not making up, that is for you. You can decide to give it a shot or keep grinding the way you’re doing.


Investment = $249

Step 1:
Fill in the application form.

Step 2:
1:1 Zoom session (60-90 minutes): You will receive an explanation of the key elements of your Human Design chart so that you can feel empowered to start experimenting with a marketing strategy that feels aligned. I’ll share relevant tips and suggestions based on your unique blueprint to create more opportunities and flow into your life and business. You will create the foundation for a marketing strategy that energizes you.

Step 3:
1:1 Zoom session (30-60 minutes): We will discuss your marketing strategy, evaluate your progress and make sure you are clear on the most effective channels for you to reach your target market, the strategies you can use to increase your visibility online, how you can promote your services, and what marketing strategies you should use to engage with your clients.

How about stopping doing what everybody else is doing and really finding out what works for you and what lights you up?

Ps. If you’re looking for a hands-on program with 3 months of incredible support, check out the “Business Accelerator for Sleep Consultants” of Shannon Buhera. She runs a successful sleep consulting business ‘Nights & Naps’ and helps other sleep consultants do the same.