Creating life beyond childlessness

I raise my voice so that those without a voice can be heard.

In-Person and Virtual Inspirational Keynotes & Workshops

If you’re looking for an authentic, energetic and highly professional speaker to inspire your audience or get your team talking, thinking and taking action, then you’re in the right place.

I’m speaking at in-person and virtual events all over the world, and bring my unique stories, genuine presence and enthusiasm to take audiences big and small through a powerful rollercoaster of emotions (always ending on a high note!)

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Invite Rianna to speak

“Rianna is a multi-passionate serial entrepreneur living a nomadic life for the past 11 years. Traveling to 40+ countries and working on four continents has taught her to approach life with resourcefulness and flexibility. She combines her unique experience in a powerful talk to inspire people to bounce back and rise strong in the face of adversity.”

Keynote/Workshop Topics

I am always happy to collaborate with event coordinators to make sure that my talks are relevant and engaging for your audience. Below are three of my signature topics:

Become a boundaries baddass

Figure out what you value most, get control over your inner voice, and step up your game. Don't let the opinions of others consume you, instead become a powerful example.

Are you climbing the right mountain?

Let's address some serious challenges we all experience in life and how they can push us away from the life of our dreams. Learn to move from a reported on life towards a created life.

Blaze your own trail

How to break free from self-limiting beliefs and societal expectations to not only move on from the problem you're stuck in, but rise above!